You Are Not a Failure

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This quote comes from My Daily Bread, Chapter 78: God’s Words to the Desolate. It puts tough situations in perspective for me, and I want to share an excerpt here:

“My child, believe in Me. Put your trust in My love and mercy. Many a time, when you think that I am far from you, I am very close to you. When you feel as though everything is going wrong, then it is that you can give the best proof of your faith and your loyalty to Me. You are not a failure just because things turn out differently from what you desired. Do not judge things by your disappointment or dislike. Keep discouragement out of your heart, no matter how hopeless matters may appear. Do your best and accept the results as My Will. I am your Maker and your loving God. Your most hidden thoughts are clearly seen by Me. Your eternal salvation is My main interest. When you feel disinterested and disgusted with your daily activities, remember that I have good reasons for letting you feel so.”—My Daily Bread, pg. 150-151

I especially love the last couple points because it reminds me that, when I complain or become sad during a tough patch in life, I’m failing to have foresight. I’m failing to see the challenge as an opportunity to grow. I’m failing to see apparent “loss” as gain.

“If I have taken anything away from you, you cannot rightfully complain. You cannot claim anything as your own, not even yourself. All things are Mine. Without Me you are actually nothing. Even when I seem to deal harshly with you, I deserve praise and obedience, because My actions proceed from eternal wisdom, and infinite love. What I do to you is done because I love you far more than you love yourself or anyone else. When I send you any trouble or affliction, do not complain or become sad. Peace and contentment will come to you as soon as it is for your best interests.”—My Daily Bread, pg. 151

My failed thoughts, words, actions, and inactions do not make me a failure. While I can experience failure, that doesn’t define me as a failure. My title is not a failure. My title is not a cosmic accident. My title is a son of God. The only way I would take on a title of “failure” would be to forfeit my inheritance as a Son of God by choosing to end this life with my soul in a state that rejects God.

We proceed on the path of sainthood by allowing Jesus to help us get back up from failure… again… and again… and again.

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