Thy Will Be Done

Christian Wallpaper

“The saints tried in each moment to align themselves with the will of God. It was this synthesis and the surrender of their own individual will to the will of God that made them saints.”—Matthew Kelly, Rediscover Catholicism

In the visions I experienced that reverted me back to a life of following Jesus, he revealed just enough to draw me back home. I think that while he is infinitely powerful, God seems to do just enough so as not to disrupt our free will. Love can never be forced.

In my experiences with God the Holy Spirit, it is often just a still-small voice or a thought placed gently in my realm of awareness, a divine message for me to either choose to act on or to ignore.

I saw that one could be a Saint in varying degrees, for we are free to respond to Our Lord’s invitation by doing much or little in our love for Him; to choose, that is, among the sacrifices He asks. Then, just as before, I cried: I choose everything; my God, I do not want to be a Saint by halves. I am not afraid to suffer for Your sake; I only fear doing my own will, so I give it to You and choose everything You will.”—St. Therese of Lisieux, The Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of the Little Flower

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