The Loveliest Masterpiece

Christian Wallpaper

Note: In an effort to accurately represent whoever I am sourcing the quote from, I always try to track down the source of quotes. I couldn’t find a primary source on this one, but it is featured on the Society of the Little Flower’s website, which is the very society that promotes devotion to St. Therese of Lisieux. If anyone does know the original source, please email me!

The statue is of Saint Anne with her daughter, the Virgin Mary, making Saint Anne the grandmother of Jesus. The statue is in the Church of Saint Anne in Jerusalem. We cannot know with certainty of Saint Anne, as the New Testament makes no mention of  her. The closest text we can rely on is the Protoevangelium of James, which is apocryphal literature.

I thought this quote to be fitting though, as we have the most important mother, Mary, here with her own mother. While Mary learned how to be a mother of Jesus through the Holy Spirit, she must have also seen her own mother as an example of how to be a good mother.

What’s the deal with Catholics and our statues of saints or of Mary? We don’t worship the statues or who they represent! Each saint is a reminder of the amazing things God can do in an ordinary human if we allow him to, and we can ask for their prayers because we believe they are alive in heaven right now. We honor and venerate each saint because each one is like a beautiful piece of art, but we always direct all worship to the artist, which is God: YouTube: Father Mike and Ascension Presents: Do Catholics Worship Saints?

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