Set Out From Here

Christian Wallpaper

This is a long exposure photo of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 lifting off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base.

Accepting the Lord’s Invitation

Since no one can be without some trouble, let us strive not to have our troubles caused by our sin. And no one is so severely condemned by another’s judgment as the fool by his own, for he is the author of his own evils. Therefore, let us keep away from tasks which are troublesome and fraught with discord, having no advantage, producing only added weight. Yet, we should live so as not to regret our decisions or our actions. A wise man usually looks ahead, so he will not often have to repent, for only God never repents. What is the advantage of righteousness but peace of mind? What is the meaning of living righteously but living with peace? As the pattern of the master is, so is the condition of the whole house. If these are needed for a home, how much more for the Church…

Let no one think that he is to be paid more deference because he is rich. In the Church a man is rich if he is rich in faith, for the faithful man has a whole world of riches. Is it strange that the faithful man owns the world, since he owns Christ’s inheritance, which is more priceless than the world? You were redeemed with the precious blood surely was said to all, not only to the rich. But, if you wish to be rich, follow him who says: Be you also holy in all your behavior. This he says not only to the rich but to all, because he judges without respect of persons as his faithful witness, the apostle, says: Spend the time of your sojourning not in luxury, nor in fastidiousness, nor haughtiness of heart, but in fear. You have been given time on this earth, not eternity; use the time as those who know they are going to set out from here.—Saint Ambrose, Saint Ambrose Letters, The Fathers of the Church, Vol. 26

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