Never Place a Period

Christian Wallpaper

Some chapters of life can be bitterly dark, seemingly insurmountable moments. If left to our own devices, we may very well despair, submitting to a lie that we cannot pass through it. It is in these moments we must make a choice. Do we acknowledge that we don’t know it all? That we can’t do everything? That we can’t attain infinite joy without God? Do we open our hearts to him or remain stonehearted until the bitter end?

We can always (always!) call out to God in our deepest darkness, surrendering our will that we do need him, and he can rise us out of that darkness. Not only that, but he can use that depressing, dark experience to make us a stronger human being than if we had never fallen into such anguish.

In my song Real Questions, I touch upon this truth that difficult moments of life can make us stronger:

No silver spoon is framed in a hall of fame. It’s full of all the gains made from all your strains that break self doubting chains and the hurricanes. When the darkness reigns over your parades, do you feel unclaimed from their hateful blame? Does a rose have shame from where it came?—Kingdom Compass

I first heard the Gracie Allen quote while listening to Jeff Cavin’s podcast episode on suicide prevention and response and I strongly encourage lending your ears for an hour and giving this episode a listen!

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