Mud of Self: My Daily Bread Conversion Prayer

Christian Wallpaper

If you are seeking a guided form of daily prayer structured as a dialogue between you and Christ, I’ve begun My Daily Bread and absolutely love it. It’s a small yet dense devotional book by the Confraternity of the Precious Blood in which each day is a brief reading in the form of “Christ, think, pray” or “listen, think, answer:” Christ speaks words to you, you reflect on them, and then you respond in prayer.

The outline of the My Daily Bread devotional takes you through the three-part path of the Spiritual Life: reform-conform-transform.

  1. Book One: The Way of Purification (reforming what has been deformed)
    1. Conversion
    2. After Conversion
    3. Temptation
    4. Conquering Bad Habits
    5. Self-Conquest Through Mortification
  2. Book Two: The Way of Imitation (conforming to Christ what has been reformed)
    1. Following Jesus in Daily Life
    2. Virtues Leading Directly to God
    3. Man’s Relation With His Neighbor and With Himself
    4. The Spiritual Combat
  3. Book Three: The Way of the Union (tranforming through Christ what has been conformed)
    1. Striving for Closer Union
    2. Union Through the Holy Eucharist
    3. Union Throughout the Day

The prayer in the wallpaper is a piece of a prayer in the Conversion part of Book One. Here is the full prayer:

Consider the labors and trials of my daily life. Please stand by me in my efforts. Strengthen me in my resolutions. I have often failed because I depended on myself alone. Now, however, I shall seek advice and direction as often as I need it. Only in this way can I hope to make progress in true and solid virtue. Make me wise and honest in my daily efforts, so that I may no longer waste valuable time. I hope to become at last the kind of person You want me to be. Without You I can do nothing. Lord, help me! Amen.—My Daily Bread, Conversion: Chapter 9

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