In the Morning

Christian Wallpaper

There are many paths to navigate through this life—what I like to refer to as “contingencies” as I describe in one of my posts—and my challenge is discerning which path is most pleasing to God. This Psalm reminds me that we can call upon the Lord each morning, or anytime we feel lost, asking him to mercifully guide us on even ground towards him.

The “ground that is level”  reminds me of the turning of “rough places into level ground” in Isaiah 42:16 (RSVCE). Following Christ in this earthly pilgrimage is often not easy, so I think this is a reference primarily to how following God leads to a spiritually level path. If we are aiming to follow Christ, there is no other path that is more spiritually solid than that, however it can often mean sacrificing “creature comforts” here on Earth. Christ’s very incarnation, not to mention his Passion, is the prime example of sacrifice to do the Father’s will.

This Psalm calls me to first pray for the vision to see “the path I should walk,” and then, when I see it, to ask for the wisdom on how to walk as well as the courage to actually walk it.

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