Great Opportunities

Christian Wallpaper

Creating music has always been that beautiful, seemingly off-in-the-distance great opportunity for me, but I always just stood at a distance, scared of the path and of what people thought about me walking along that path. After much prayer, it’s become clear to me that music—and more generally art—is the medium that he intends I use to reach out to my brothers and sisters, no matter how far or close they are to Christ. As my conviction in this vocation has grown, the doubt and worry burns away.

It seems he wants me to reach out particularly to those who are far from him. It is perhaps more beautiful in the eyes of God that he reaches my brothers and sisters through the Holy Spirit and through me, using the experiences of my former vices and addictions, rather than direct divine intervention. Surely, with God nothing is impossible and he could instantly convert all the world by exposing to each individual exactly what is needed to untangle their hearts and overwhelming them with his love for them. But he seems to find beauty in allowing each of us to be active co-writers of salvation history, using our past mistakes as glue to form connections with those who are making those same mistakes today or thinking about making them tomorrow.

God’s opportunities for us can seem beautiful and daunting at the same time, like the backdrop to this wallpaper. In my life, he seems to do just enough to prompt me to take the next step in faith. Like a door left ajar, he invites me towards him without forcing me, and yet as I get to know him more and more, it is in drawing closer to him and the great opportunities he has in store for my life that becomes downright irresistible. What great opportunities are you being invited to in your life?

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