Christian Wallpaper

In a rather odd move, this is my first wallpaper using strikethrough. This quote verbatim from Matthew Kelly’s book Rediscover Catholicism is wonderful, but I wanted to draw a punchier, more unconventional contrast between the two ideas of what freedom is. It was also an irresistible opportunity to be irreverent towards inspirational and motivational wallpaper. We gotta laugh at ourselves sometimes…

“Here are some inspirational words, oh wait, crap, nevermind.”

Rediscover Catholicism is the first book I read following my reversion. I didn’t feel emotionally or spiritually prepared to dive right into the Bible or some heavy theological text. This was a very fitting book at that point, after having spent most of my life just walking like a zombie through my faith. This quote is the one I remember most from the book because I spent much of my life with a distorted understanding of freedom.

An analogy I think of is any sport: there are certain rules to adhere to in order to play the sport. Without the rules, welp… sure you are free to do whatever you want, but then what are you playing? When I thought I was free to run around and chase things, I actually was becoming shackled to them: alcohol, drugs, porn, you name it. It was all a very scary lie thinking I was free.

Christianity sets some boundaries, of course, but the “why” of the boundaries is the key here. The fences are placed there by love, for love, and through love. What lies beyond isn’t good for us, but we are free to dwell within, with our good shepherd.

If freedom is not directed toward a real good, driven by objective values, it simply ceases to exist. There is no freedom except in relation to a truth that guides it and directs it.—Fr. Jacques Philippe, Fire & Light: Eucharistic Love and the Search for Peace

This true freedom is wonderful and yet also comes with an inherent burden, a responsibility. Have a Listen: YouTube: Father Mike and Ascension Presents: Fr. Mike’s Independence Day Special

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