Christian Wallpaper

I inverted the mesa scene to give it a different perspective. It reminded me that our concept of up and down is based on our perspective and experience of gravity. In the larger scale of the universe, beyond our little blue earth, our concept of directionality is challenged.

Fed by the Mystery of Faith

It seems to me that nothing better expresses the love in God’s heart than the Eucharist: it is union, consummation, he in us, we in him, and isn’t that heaven on earth? Heaven in faith while awaiting the face-to-face vision we so desire. Then “we will be satisfied when his glory appears,” when we see him in his light. Don’t you find that the thought of this meeting refreshes the soul, this talk with him whom it loves solely? Then everything disappears and it seems that one is already entering into the mystery of God!…

This whole mystery is so much “ours”…. I wish to stay always close to him who knows the whole mystery, to hear everything from him…. [When] we have the Blessed Sacrament exposed in the oratory, those are divine hours spent in this little corner of heaven where we possess the vision in substance under the humble Host. Yes, he whom the blessed contemplate in light and we adore in faith is really the same one.

The other day someone wrote me such a beautiful thought, I send it on to you: “Faith is the face-to-face in darkness.” Why wouldn’t it be so for us, since God is in us and since he asks only to take possession of us as he took possession of the saints? Only, they were always attentive, as Père Vallée says: “They are silent, recollected, and their only activity is to be the being who receives.”… Let us make a dwelling for him in our soul that is wholly at peace…. And may our life be a continual communion, a wholly simple movement toward God.—Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity, I Have Found God: Complete Works Volume II, Letters from Carmel, Anne Englund Nash, Tr.

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