Door of My Lips

Christian Wallpaper

Sometimes I find myself thinking ill of others, and sometimes those bubble up into words that leave my mouth. I also used to swear and curse a lot. I considered curse words as a type of verbal seasoning, an extra spicy kick to an exclamation, a story I was sharing, or a joke I was telling.

As part of the effort to rid myself of the intense duality that used to possess me—feeling like two people in one—I stopped swearing. I decided:

If I wouldn’t say something around a child, then I shouldn’t say it at all.

Words can be potent. A powerful statement we make is like a sword leaving our mouth, and it can either strike down the good or the bad in the hearts of those who hear it. I find it especially fitting as a wallpaper for my phone, something that I use to text and call on!

Are your words venting or are they gossip?  YouTube: Father Mike and Ascension Presents: Venting or Gossiping?

The door in the photo is a special one. It is the center door of the Papal Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls in Rome, Italy, which houses the tomb of St. Paul. It is not to be confused with the basilica’s holy door, which is to the right of this one. The scenes in the panels represent major events in the lives of Peter and Paul. The Vatican website offers more info about this basilica.

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