Spiritual Opposites
Physical OppositesLiving in New England gives me a deep appreciation of each season. The biting cold gives way to the heat of summer. Contrast is embedded throughout the design of existence itself. For example: Night and Day Dry and Wet...
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Designing the Kingdom Compass Logo
I wanted the logo for the Kingdom Compass project to be multilayered and symbolic, serving as a reflection of how the Bible is. You can a read a passage or verse at different points in your life or after having...
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Santa Maria Formosa Tabernacle
The Eucharist: Difficult Bread
A reflection on one of Christ's more difficult teachings about his body as food.
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Oslo Painting
Musicians I Admire Who Have Turned to God
Fellow musicians who have also battled with evil and have testified to God, and how they have inspired me.
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Basilica of Saint Francis - Judgment
Column of the Immaculate Conception
Measuring the Four Pillars of the Human Person
Diving deeper into the emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual aspects of the human being.
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Station of the Cross - San Polo Venice - Jesus Falls
The Design of Suffering
Making sense of the "what" and the "why" of suffering.
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Human Being: Body or Soul?
Is a human being a body or a soul? Both or neither?
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Basilica of Saint John Lateran Tabernacle
Four Pillars of the Human Person
Understanding the four major aspects of the human person: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.
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Pentecost Holy Spirit - Mosaic
Speaking in Tongues
My experience speaking in a divine tongue at Mysteryland.
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